About us

We, that’s Basti and me, Diana.
We are a couple for almost 8 years now and will maybe have the travel of our live ahead of us.

Both of us started working right after school and studied incidentally. So we never experienced the full time student live with a lot of free time 😉

After beeing in a permanent position for 15 and almost 10 years we will take a little time out and get to know other parts of the world above and below the surface. We are professional divers and love to discover both worlds.

For myself I have to say, that I’m looking forward to the adventures under water even more right now.
Basti pretty much enjoys both.

First of all we had to decide which route to take, but after spending a few days going in-depth research, we knew which countries we would like to see and couldn’t wait for it.
So we started planing our great tour.